Effective June 25, 2019,  there will be a late charge assessed on all partial loan payments.  Minimum charge will be $5.00.

Please be alert to scams.  Contact your bank directly if you come across something suspicious.

If you have trouble logging into your online banking, please try a different browser than Internet Explorer.  It should work then.  If not, please contact us at 903-843-5653.  Thanks.

Statement of Condition

Condensed Statement of Condition, December 31, 2018
(in thousands of dollars)


Cash and Due from Banks
Total Loans
Premises / Fixed Assets
Other Assets
Total Assets

Liabilities & Equity

Other Liabilities

Common Stock

Undivided Profits
Total Liabilities & Equity


Edwin P. Herrmann
Chairman of the Board
Larry Cowan
Vice Chairman
President & CEO
Senior Vice President & CFO
Senior Vice President & Auditor & COO
Senior Vice President
Vice President
Vice President, Senior Lender, CFO
Manager/Special Assets
Admin Asst. to President
Admin Asst. to President
Admin Asst. to Mortgage Department
Asst. Cashier & Asst. Compliance/Audit
Asst. Cashier
Sabrina Kelley
Asst. Cashier
Asst. Cashier
Tina McCurry
Asst. Cashier
Asst. Cashier
Misty Owens
Director of HR


Larry Cowan
John Dean
Randy Duke
David Griffith
Roy Harris
Edwin P. Herrmann
Gary Patterson
Steve Sansom
Kenneth Stewart
Steve Stewart
William F. Patterson, Honorary